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COVID 19 Safety Policy

For your safety and our staff's we ask that all persons entering our showroom follow our COVID 19 Safety Policy.

Use the provided hand sanitizer at the door and while shopping avoid touching surfaces and merchandise unnecessarily.

Wear a non-medical face mask or covering that covers the mouth, nose and chin.
Excluding children under 2 or persons who are unable to remove the mask without help.

While in the showroom whenever possible please allow 6' of space between you the other customers and staff.

CAPACITY (21 Persons)
Depending on the number of customers in our showroom when you arrive you may be required to wait outside until the capacity has reduced, please follow the instructions of our staff monitoring the door.

To reduce unnecessary wait times at the door we ask that you limit the number of people you bring with you to the showroom, we can only have a maximum of 21 persons in our showroom at any given time this includes staff.